Friday, November 04, 2005

Homecoming Weekend

The Ahrens family stopped by to visit during tailgating.

Mike and I also got up early enough to cheer on DU as they raced to the finish line.

While we were smiling and hanging out, the boys were stuck in the longest meeting ever in DU history! On Friday night we all ended up back at the DU house. We were somewhat disappointed because the house is dry and the food was not quite what was expected. But, hey, that's what happens when you leave it up to boys to plan a party!
The view of the Tech tower from our balcony.

The aquarium is almost ready!

After waking up to the sounds of construction (beep, beep, beep) for over two and half years now, the acquarium is just about ready. Mike and I were among the first to buy our yearly pass and we are all set to go for our first visit the day after Thanksgiving. What a great view from our balcony!