Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mayday Pie

Check out the awesome "Mayday" Pie my Aunt Polly and I made. It was so delicious!! (It is really a Derby Pie but when you live in Lexington it is called a Mayday Pie. We like to think our horse racing at Keeneland is better than the races in Louisville.)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jimmy comes to Lexington!

Jimmy came to visit us on Derby weekend...he even used 50,000 sky miles to come see us (boy do we feel special). Of course we took him on the highlight tour of Lexington. First we had cocktails at Charlie Brown's and then on to dinner at Billy's BBQ. We took him to Liquor Barn where Jimmy invested in some Horse Piss (a unique tasting beer we can only find here in Lexington, KY). Mike and Jimmy played lots of golf and went to the Buffalo Trace distillery for the tour. On Derby day they did some drive-thru betting at Keeneland.