Sunday, December 12, 2010

Santa and the boys!

Santa made his annual visit to the daycare and by some miracle, they were able to get a picture of my 3 boys with him. I love the fact they are all actually looking at the camera too!

Holiday trip to Cincinnati.

I insisted that we take the boys up to the big city for some holiday fun. You know what they say about "the best laid plans".. Well it wasn't quite THAT bad, but the boys aren't quite able to do as much as I think they can yet. But, some great moments were had, for sure.

We started by trying to go to the Rein-dog parade up in Mt. Adams but couldn't find a spot to park that would allow us to push three little ones in strollers. It looked really cool, and we vowed to return next year. Next we went downtown to the Duke Energy building to see the holiday train setup.. wow... what a crowd. We made in 75% of the way through the line before Leslie had to drag Drew outside for screaming and acting up (turns out he is sick...). Oh, and 10% of the way through the line we discovered we forgot our SD memory card, so Les went out to Walgreen's next door to grab one.

After that, we went to watch the ice skating rink. On the way back to the car, we found the thing that fascinated them more than anything else prior.. the escalators in the Westin hotel! I rode up and down 2 flights with each of them 3 times. Whew!

Johnny Rockets was for dinner, and that actually went very well. We all enjoyed our burgers, and since they put us ALL the way in the back, we didn't bother anyone!


Day 2 started with me going out to get some McD's from across the street. The boys enjoyed their big breakfast platter while we packed up, then we headed out. Stop #1 was the German market so that I could find some cookies, etc for the kids. Turns out the old German neighborhood is now very ghetto, but the market was still very nice (and guarded by 5-6 security personnel).
Next... we went and had lunch with Santa. Well, it turns out it was actually lunch with St. Nick. When we walked in the door, the first thing that came to my mind was... "HO! HO! HO!.. and what's your name, little boy?"

But it turns out that both Jack and Drew were happy to sit on his lap and they each got a nice stuffed animal present!

Finally, we headed up the mountain in Devou Park to the Behringer-Crawford museum to see their really nice holiday toy train exhibit. The boys had a great time, as you can see, and Drew almost lost a finger in the elevator on the way out.

And finally, Drew hosts a tea party for Minnie and her friends. What a guy!

Let it snow!

Last weekend we got a really nice snow storm, which of course was a sign that we needed to get our tree up and finish decorating!

Jack his littlest brother.

Drew, being brave and venturing out to play in the snow with Daddy.

A view from the front yard.

Here's another one of our house just after the storm.

Jack and Drew dancing to some Christmas tunes.

Decorating the tree.

....and doing what he does best.

Our tree, after we strategically hung the non-breakable ornaments closer to the bottom.

Getting cooooooooooooozy.

Getting ready to crawl!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watch out for the triple stroller!

Look at my 3 boys!!! Aren't they the best?? Mike and I took them for a long walk to the park this afternoon in the triple stroller. Some friends from church were so nice and gave us their triple stroller that they no longer had a need for. Jack, Drew and Charlie were beyond thrilled with their new transportation. Of course, I lost count of how many cars almost ran off the road staring at us trucking it down Cooper Drive with our huge stroller.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Fun in Lexington

Here are some pictures from our first Halloween with Charlie. We wanted to dress them up as the Chipmunks: Jack would be Alvin, Drew would be Simon, and Charlie as Theodore. Except that one day Jack came home from school and insisted on being a turtle. Drew was a lion, and Charlie was Winnie the Pooh or a Pea Pod depending on what time of day it was.

Jack-o-Lantern #1. I made a second that was winking.

Jackie the Turtle. Mom and Dad made the costume for him.. $10 and 10 minutes later, here he is modeling it.

Somebody's EXCITED!

Charlie in his skeleton jammies. Just like Johnny from The Karate Kid!

Drewdle-bug sampling from the candy bowl.

Drew the Lion all bundled up and ready to knock on some doors!

Jack with a treat!

Drew dropped one of his shoes up the street, so I took him for a tricycle ride to retrieve it.

Going to our first house! Jack was nervous but when he saw that it was OK and that there was candy in the bowl he came running!

The end of a long night for the little pea pod and his mommy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Just goofing off at home...

Below you'll find some pictures of our little guys just having fun around the house. Of course, we never usually take pictures when they're whining or misbehaving, but that happens so infrequently (haha) anyway!

Here's Drew practicing his shake-n-bake move in the living room. Maybe he'll be a running back at GT?

And here Jack shows us his three point stance, "Down-set-hike!". Jack will be an offensive lineman at Tech and open up some running lanes for his brother, Crazylegs Vincent.

Their cheeks were so tired from smiling.. can't you tell?

Charlie always has such a beautiful smile for us. Here he is before his first day of "school"!

Bath time! Drewbug with spiky hair.

Jack hamming it up in the tub. Rub-a-dub-dub!

Drew having fun with Charlie. Just 2 years ago it was Jack in the seat on the left, and Drew in the highchair on the right!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beach Trip 2010

Halfway there we stopped and stayed the night near Asheville. We got creative when the boys misbehaved in the lobby. Apparently we were taking too long to check in so they decided to start making A LOT of noise, but as you can see the luggage cart ride was a fun way to pass the time.

One of the first days in Myrtle Beach, this is the only time we all made it out there together. The boys aren't too keen on the dirt and sand yet, or the water for that matter! Either way, Drew seems to be having fun with his grandma as they try and make his first sand castle.

Mim impressing the boys with her sand tricks.

Jack is proud of his creation, a sand turtle.

Future Georgia Tech QB, Drew Vincent, throws Daddy a pass at the beach.

Drew got distracted by the tire tracks and wanted to follow them down the beach - so away we went!

Jack in the pool with Mim!

The house that we stayed in.

Another view.

Grandpa Miller teaching Jack how to fly a kite.

You can see the shark waaaaay up there.

Jack in the race car at Broadway @ the Beach.

Drew and Mommy having lots of fun! This ride is all Drew could talk about for the rest of the evening.

Drew, bolting off the ferris wheel in search of the Race Cars.

Captain Jack Vincent, taxiing to the runway! Drew was too short to ride, so he and Daddy rode the race cars again.

Drew-bug and his new beach hat. Daddy attempted to take him to the beach again, and it was good while it lasted (about 10 minutes!).