Sunday, November 21, 2010

Watch out for the triple stroller!

Look at my 3 boys!!! Aren't they the best?? Mike and I took them for a long walk to the park this afternoon in the triple stroller. Some friends from church were so nice and gave us their triple stroller that they no longer had a need for. Jack, Drew and Charlie were beyond thrilled with their new transportation. Of course, I lost count of how many cars almost ran off the road staring at us trucking it down Cooper Drive with our huge stroller.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Halloween Fun in Lexington

Here are some pictures from our first Halloween with Charlie. We wanted to dress them up as the Chipmunks: Jack would be Alvin, Drew would be Simon, and Charlie as Theodore. Except that one day Jack came home from school and insisted on being a turtle. Drew was a lion, and Charlie was Winnie the Pooh or a Pea Pod depending on what time of day it was.

Jack-o-Lantern #1. I made a second that was winking.

Jackie the Turtle. Mom and Dad made the costume for him.. $10 and 10 minutes later, here he is modeling it.

Somebody's EXCITED!

Charlie in his skeleton jammies. Just like Johnny from The Karate Kid!

Drewdle-bug sampling from the candy bowl.

Drew the Lion all bundled up and ready to knock on some doors!

Jack with a treat!

Drew dropped one of his shoes up the street, so I took him for a tricycle ride to retrieve it.

Going to our first house! Jack was nervous but when he saw that it was OK and that there was candy in the bowl he came running!

The end of a long night for the little pea pod and his mommy.