Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day!

Merry Christmas to everyone from Drew, Jack, Leslie and Mike! Hope your day was just as much fun as our was here in Lexington.
Right before Jack & Drew came down the stairs.

A nice Loc Blocs table!

A present for Drew.

Both boys had a lot of fun stuff to open.

Drew is interested in Jack's new Handy Manny talking action figure - complete with matching Handy Manny visor for the kids.

Drew gets a nice book from Santa.

We could only keep him entertained for so long.. then it was time for the wild man to run loose!

Christmas Eve

Jack & Drew entertaining us in the living room.

Something caught their attention and they both went after it.

The boys and Leslie in their new room. We just moved them in together and they took it much better than we thought they would.

Jack & Drew's new tent, the "Clubhouse"!

Million dollar smile.

Getting ready for Christmas

Putting the star on the top of the Christmas tree. Jack did a fantastic job decorating. Drew, on the other hand, did his best to undecorate the tree until we put him to bed!

Jack has progressed to being mildly bewildered by Santa, but Drew is still at the horrified stage.

Jack is a big boy!

Jack holding the front door of the gingerbread house.

Jack was very patient and would comment on his gingerbread house every time he walked by it, so when he finally got to break into it he was very excited.