Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jack's 2nd haircut

While in Atlanta, we took Jack for another haircut. We found a place called Pigtails & Crewcuts and it was awesome. Jack got to 'ride' in a police car and didn't even mind having someone cut his hair. What a handsome boy with his new haircut.

Drew eating cereal

After Drew's 4 month check up, the doctor said it was time for him to start eating some solid foods. So, we started with rice cereal and Drew was not sure what to think. He got the hang of it quickly and is now eating fruits and vegetables too!
Exhausted after all of that work.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Visit with the Thorns

This weekend we made the trip to Louisville to meet Mallory Thorn (and see Dustin and Amy too). Drew is only 3 weeks older than Mallory and they were fast friends.
Drew and Mallory holding cute!
The Vincent brothers...both with their pacifiers.
We tried really hard to get a picture of the 3 munchkins. Drew was posing nicely, Jack wasn't so sure about being surrounded by two babies, and Mallory was just ready for her bottle.
Jack letting us know that picture time was OVER!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Playing in the dirt again...

I'm not tearing up the yard Daddy...

Happy 4th of July!

We tried very hard to get a picture of Jack and Drew in their cute 4th of July outfits! This is probably the best shot we got.
Drew telling Jack to back off!
Jack pushing Drew back...get off of my lap!!
Drew very proud that he gets to sit in the big boy chair all by himself.
Jack and Daddy at the parade in downtown Lexington.Jack and Mommy waiting for lunch to arrive after the parade.
Drew and Dad chilling out having a beer and a bottle.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Indoor fun - Jack's new slide!

Jack tended to gravitate toward the slide at the neighborhood playground, so we found him a little starter set for home. He can crawl up, with a little help, and then he'll lift his arms and slide straight back down.

Climbing UP!

...and sliding back down.

It also makes a pretty good fort for the big guy.

Here we are playing "hide the pacifier"! He'll push it through one of the slots, crawl up the slide, throw it back through another hole and then slide down. What a workout!

A little yard work for the boys.

Getting outside on the weekends is essential these days with Jack & Drew. Unfortunately Mommy and Daddy aren't nearly as fun as their daycare friends, so we try to keep them entertained with outdoor activities and trips to the store.

Jack is the pacifier-hog of the family.

Jack, displaying his "stand up!" for the camera.

Oh yeah, there was some yard work, too.

Jack & Drew, having fun together.