Monday, May 31, 2010

And even more pictures...

My uncle Scott took these awesome photos of the kids! I think my favorites are the one of Mike and Drew playing and the one where Drew is laying his head down on the pillow. Those eyes...

More pictures from our trip

Jack and his buddy Gavin. Gavin is a month older than Jack.
Owen and Charlie. Owen is a week older than Charlie. What handsome boys they are!

Jack loves taking pictures. He followed Oscar (Jack's name for my uncle Scott) around all evening taking pictures whenever he did. It was so cute!!!

My little Drew-bug!! Drew took a nap during most of the sip-n-see but when he woke up he was so excited that we prepared such a wonderful snack for him that he just pulled up a chair to the table and helped himself. That Momma, she sure knows how to make the boy a snack!

Charlie meets Oma and Opa


I love this picture of Drew! You should always be very suspicious if Drew is normally means he is up to something. Evidently he found a radio at Oma and Opa's that was just too tempting. He managed to get on top of the dresser to have a better look. I love that innocent expression on his face - I'm not doing anything wrong Momma!

We made our first trip to Atlanta with 3 kids for Memorial Day weekend. And what a weekend it was!!! We drove down on Friday, spent Saturday at Oma and Opa's house and finished the evening at a graduation party for my cousin Matt. Sunday was also very busy! My Mom had a sip-n-see for Charlie and then we had a cookout with friends that evening so they could all meet Charlie. On Monday we moved all of our furniture out of the condo so that our renter could move in the next day. I have never been so exhausted and luckily our kids were such troopers through it all. There weren't a lot of naps taken during those 3 days but somehow we made it through without too many meltdowns!

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Cooking out with the Lears

Brayden and Jack having fun with the water table.

Yummy fudge pops!

Mike, Kevin and Charlie

Growing up way too fast!

My little Charlie man sitting up in his big boy chair. So sweet!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Watch out for Drew Bug!

Elizabeth and Thomas came over with dinner and to play with the kiddos. Thomas made the mistake of sitting in Drew's chair (even though Drew wanted nothing to do with the chair until Thomas sat down in it). Drew was having none of it!!

Not nice Drew!

And here he is sitting in his chair acting like he did nothing wrong. What I am going to do with this boy??

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sip-n-See for Baby Charlie

Charlie and Kristin
Charlie and Amy

Here I am with the hostesses (and sweet Harry too!)

Kara and Charlie
Some friends here in Lexington hosted the nicest sip-n-see for Charlie. I had the best time catching up with everyone and Charlie loved all of the attention. Thank you Robyn, Kristine and Alice for such a wonderful party!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Big brother Jack

Jack has turned out to be the most loving big brother. He is constantly worrying about Charlie and loves to help us take care of his new brother. He will go up to him and pat him and say, "Oh, are a little brother." It is so sweet. He also wants to help feed him and if he hears Charlie cry he will come and find me to make sure I know Charlie needs something.

Charlie and Mim

Mike was out of town for work and my Mom was a lifesaver...she came up and helped out for the week. Charlie loved the extra attention and I loved the extra set of hands! Thanks Mim!!!

Getting a picture of all 3 is not easy!

And I guess I will keep trying to get a good picture of all of the boys together.